Walking Stick Handle Blanks in walnut ash maple cherry oak iroko teak

A selection of Walking Stick Handle Blanks in Walnut, Cherry, Iroko, Teak, Sapele, Ash, for sale. They are all cut from top quality kiln dried hardwood. These Walking Stick Handle Blank are available in a choice of three styles, Market, Crook, and Curve

All these Walking Stick Handle Blanks are available for purchase through this website.

To Purchase any item from this page simply type or copy and paste the following piece of text "I wish to purchase the following item/items" along with the Ref No and item title displayed with each photo along with your details, into the contact us form and press send, you will receive a Paypal Money Request by return through which you can pay for the item in the usual way, the blank/block will then be shipped as normal 

To view prices for all these blanks etc go to  PRICE LIST

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me                                     SEE ALSO PRODUCTS PAGE 

     Walking Stick Handle Blank Market - Walnut                Walking Stick Handle Blank Market - Oak               Walking Stick Handle Blank Market - Ash                Walking Stick Handle Blank Market - Maple

(130) Walnut Handle Blank Market    (131) Oak Handle Blank Market       (132) Ash Handle Blank Market         (133) Maple Handle Blank Market

     Walking Stick Handle Blank Crook - Oak                Walking Stick Handle Blank Crook - Ash               Walking Stick Handle Blank Crook - Cherry                Walking Stick Handle Blank Crook-Iroko/Teak

   (134) Oak Handle Blank Crook         (135) Ash Handle Blank Crook         (136) Cherry Handle Blank Crook    (137) Iroko/Teak Handle Blank Crook 

     Walking Stick Handle Blank Crook-Walnut                Walking Stick Handle Blank Crook - Maple               Walking Stick Handle Blank Small - Cherry                Walking Stick Handle Blank Small - Ash

      (138) Walnut Handle Blank Crook     (139) Maple Handle Blank Crook     (140) Cherry Handle Blank Small           (141) Ash Handle Blank Small
             Walking Stick Handle Blank Small - Oak                Walking Stick Handle Blank Small - Maple               Walking Stick Handle Blank Small - Walnut                
          (142) Oak Handle Blank Small        (143) Maple Handle Blank Small       (144) Walnut Handle Blank Small               (145) **************

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